We Surround with Protection

Teenagers “drop out” – a phenomenon that has been very prevalent in recent years. Often they have been expelled from formal education frameworks invariably ending up on the street. These unfortunate individuals are usually left with a sense of rejection and failure, their personal image is undermined and they seek belonging, very often deteriorating into a life of crime.

Merkaz Libi was established with the aim of identifying and preventing adolescent risk situations. We aim to enhance their personal image, to envelop them in a warm and stable home and supportive community system in order to prevent their dropping out. We work to provide the young adults with the tools for a healthy and stable life, and to open up a window for a brighter future.


Strengthening the Family


Enhance their Self-image


Placing them in a supportive community

נותנים תקווה

נתינת מענה לצרכים האנושיים הבסיסיים – מאפשרת לאנשים להוסיף הרבה יותר ממה שהם תמיד רצו (קהילה, משפחה, אהבה ועוד) ומפחיתה באופן משמעותי את מה שהם מעולם לא רצו (אלימות, פחד, ניצול, אי צדק וכו’).

המודל של מקס-ניף

Families in Financial Distress

Financial distress has both immediate and long-term implications in all areas of life at home, including relationships, parenting, education and

Educational Entrepreneurship

Giving gives rise to love, and love creates belonging, unity and closeness in an atmosphere of mutual sympathy. Merkaz Libi works to educate the youth

Summer Project – Day Camp!

The long summer vacation is the most dangerous time for the struggling youth, especially in the absence of a supportive home and against all the