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עמותת מרכז ליבי פועלת עם בני נוער ומשפחותיהן, בשילוב ושיתוף הקהילה.

About us

Merkaz Libi was established to identify early teen risk situations in order to prevent their dropout from formal education frameworks.  As we implement this we work closely together with various educational establishments, the families involved and the community.

Our Goal

Our ambition is to offer support and guidance to the teen at risk and to the family, in order to develop a mutual understanding, thereby creating a calm and loving environment for the teen at risk in order to empower him and give him the tools to grow.


Our services include arranging structured activities, social events, mentoring programs, occupational guidance and assistance in economic rehabilitation. We aim to eventually reintegrate the teen into the educational and family framework.

"My ambition is to warmly reach out to every boy or girl who needs extra care and support, to provide them with all the tools and facilities they need in order to bring out their full potential, and to create around them a supportive community, so that they can discover how far they really can go."
מנכלית העמותה
Mrs. Efrat Dadoun
Project Director
Youth Involved in the Organization
Families Helped by the Organization
Active Mentors
Success Stories


“Merkaz Libi performs extremely special work to prevent youth deterioration and to help affected young people and their families rebuild their lives”
Rabbi Y. E. Shlita
ראש בית מדרש דרכי הוראה
The organisation operates in a professional manner, and indeed has had a positive influence on our pupils”
Ms. P.
"We constantly see very significant results, and this is due to the great admiration that the girls have for the Merkaz Libi staff"
Mrs. R C.
School Counselor

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